Maiden's Policy

Whatever the pinch you're in, never give into despair.
That is the Lovely Girl's Policy.

Someday you will come upon the truth and take the plunge of
Giving yourself to that special someone who is right for you.

In the depths of your proud aching heart a voice awakens

There is nothing to fear!

The fluttering of your heart is right!

Great Dreams are there

So brave the pit.

A more serious matter still awaits
Without a doubt it is the magnificent beating (wings) of chance!

A time of total sincerity takes beauty so
With self-confidence clear the way.

The unknown power sleeps for now.
Someday it will overwhelm you.

Wanting to change what will become!

Don't want to be stubborn,

Tears and souls are there!

Regardless, brave the pit.

Copyright ©1998 Astral, All rights reserved ®

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