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Astral's Sailor Moon Midi Page

Click on the link to the Midi file.....if you find one you like, click the right mouse button and choose 'Save As' from the pop-up menu

Alans Flute21.38 seconds
It's A New Day52.11 seconds
Queen Beryl's BGM20.78 seconds
Call My Name(And I'll Be There)2 minutes 42 seconds
(Give Me The Strength To)Carry On2 minutes
The DeathBusters Theme1 minute 30 seconds
Don't Tease My Dreams3 minutes 47 seconds
The Sailor Moon Ending Theme20.47 seconds
Eien No Melody3 minutes 57 seconds
Fate Is So Beautiful4 minutes 42 seconds
Fire Soul Bird In Love4 minutes 5 seconds
Fly Me To The Moon3 minutes 23 seconds
She's Got The Power2 minutes 34 seconds
Moon Healing Activation14.55 seconds
Heart Moving2 minutes 27 seconds
Hottokenaiyo4 minutes 17 seonds
I Wanna Be A Star39.67 seconds
I Am Sailor Moon3 minutes 45 seconds
A Jazzy Ending To Sailor Moon6.92 seconds
You Are Just My Love4 minutes 10 seconds
Kaze mo Sora mo1 minute 28 seconds
Kaze ni Naritai(I Want To Become The Wind)1 minute 39 seconds
Kyoufukiki1 minute 51 seconds
La Soldier1 minute 48 seconds
Moonlight Legend(Moonlight Densetsu)2 minutes 17 seconds
Luna's BGM16.73 seconds
Only A Memory Away(Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone)2 minutes 53 seconds
Moon Crystal Power39.32 seconds
Moonlight Destiny4 minutes 32 seconds
More Beautiful Morning4 minutes 5 seconds
Moon Revenge3 minutes 51 seconds
Sailor Moon Narrative Music1 minute
Onaji Namida1 minute 31 seconds
My Only Love(1)3 minutes 6 seconds
My Only Love(2)2 minutes 20 seconds
My Only Love(3)1 minute 36 seconds
My Only Love(4)3 minutes 8 seconds
Princess Moon2 minutes 43 seconds
Maiden's Policy3 minutes 13 seconds
Rainy Day Man1 minute 48 seconds
Reeny's BGM(1)16.17 seconds
Reeny's BGM(2)14.03 seconds
Sailor Moon Route En Venus4 minutes 10 seconds
Sailor Moon's Transformation Music4 minutes 5 seconds
Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus' Transformation Music(1)1 minute 32 seconds
Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus' Transformation Music(2)1 minute 29 seconds
Sailor Saturn BGM1 minute 12 seconds
Moon Sceptor Elimination27.47 seconds
Sailor Moon Chase Music10.47 seconds
Tuxedo Mirage(1)1 minute 20 seconds
Tuxedo Mirage(2)1 minute 20 seconds
Tuxedo Mirage(3)1 minute 29 seconds
Serenity1 minute 59 seconds
Sailor Moon's On The Scene3.95 seconds
Tsukino Kawatte Oshioki Yo4 minutes 46 seconds
The Sailor Moon Theme(1)1 minute 18 seconds
The Sailor Moon Theme(2)1 minute 30 seconds
The Sailor Moon Theme(3)2 minutes 49 seconds
A Sad Sailor Moon Midi30.49 seconds
Sailor Scout Attack Music(1)23.45 seconds
Sailor Scout Attack Music(2)49.38 seconds
Sailor Moon Stars Ending Theme1 minute 28 seconds
The Sailor Starlight's Transformation Music1 minute 52 seconds
Starlocket Theme(1)21.18 seconds
Starlocket Theme(2)1 minute 56 seconds
Sailor Moon Stars Opening Theme(1)1 minute 33 seconds
Sailor Moon Stars Opening Theme(2)1 minute 46 seconds
Sailor Moon Stars Opening Theme(Full Version)3 minutes 50 seconds
Oh Starry Night(1)1 minute 49 seconds
Oh Starry Night(2)3 minutes 57 seconds
The Starting Theme(When They Announce The Episode's Name)18 seconds
A Sad Tuxedo Mask Midi25.55 seconds
Tuxedo Mask's On The Scene19.46 seconds
Warrior Of Love(Ai No Senshi)3 minutes 47 seconds
Watashi Tachi5 minutes 8 seconds
Yume Miru Dakeja Dame5 minutes 9 seconds

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